We're rebranding!

MIstral Network

The Yogscast Community Network

is being rebranded to

Mistral Network.

After discussions between our team and The Yogscast, we have some important information to share with you about the future of the network.

Over the past few weeks, we've been in discussions with The Yogscast regarding a partnership with them, which would have made us the Official network. Unfortunately, these negotiations resulted in the Yogscast not wishing to partner with us, and as a result, we're making some changes as per their requests.


First, and the most noticeable, is our name. As we're not affiliated with the Yogscast, they have asked us to remove their name from ours. After some internal discussions, we've decided to completely rename from Yogscast Community Network, to Mistral Network. Along with this, they have asked us to discontinue the use of the yogs.net domain, as this may be misconceived to being an official Yogscast website. Thus, we'll be moving the website (and in turn, the address you use to join the network) over to our new home: www.mistral.network


We want to assure you that we're still the same network we've always been, we're just going to be under a new name moving forward.

We've created a short FAQs list regarding these changes, and as more questions come from you guys, we'll be updating and adding to the list.


FAQs about the rebrand

Q: What's this about you renaming the YCN?

A: After discussions between us and the Yogscast, we have been asked to change our name and our domain to avoid any confusion regarding us being official. We are not owned, partnered, affiliated or in any other way connected to the Yogscast. We were given a few options in regards to the rebranding, but felt a completely new name was the best way to go.


Q: What's going to change with the network?

A: The only thing that will change is our name, and the domain we run the network from. This means the mc.yogs.net address will be discontinued, and we'll be moving over to the new mc.mistral.network address to join the network. The yogs.net website will redirect you to our new domain too. Nothing will change within the network, all our servers, and the progress you've made on them will not be affected.


Q: Will I still get my Twitch sub/Patreon member/Youtube Member roles?

A: At this time, we're uncertain whether the RoleSync system will be discontinued or not. For now, we won't be adding it into the relaunched version of the network, as the webpage to link your accounts is run from the Yogscast.com domain (another source of confusion we're tidying up).


Q: What about the Yogscord (Yogscast Discord)?

A: Like the above question, we're unsure whether we'll continue to use the Yogscord, or transition to our own dedicated Discord server. If we do move Discord servers, we'll let you know!


Q: What's happening to RavsCraft and Spiff's VIP server?

A: We're currently in talks with Ravs and Spiff regarding their servers, and will provide you updates on those as and when we know what's happening with them. At this point, it is completely up to them whether they continue to have servers through the network or not.


Q: Does this affect the relaunch at all?

A: No. The rebranding will not affect the relaunch of the network on May 11th. All the necessary changes can and will be made in time for the relaunch.


Q: When is this rename/rebrand taking place?

A: The short answer is: now! We're in the process of transitioning all our systems to the new branding. The yogs.net domain will continue to work up until the relaunch, then we'll be switching it off, and using the mc.mistral.network domain for the server, and applying the redirect to the yogs.net domain to send you to our new home mistral.network.

You'll already be able to connect to the network using both mc.yogs.net and mc.mistral.network, so we advise you update your serverlist to use the new domain now, so you don't lose it when we switch over.

If you have any more questions, you can ask us in the General Discussion section of the forums!

The Mistral Network Team
(Formerly the Yogscast Community Network Team)