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Reapproching fast travel (TP) Part 2

Second part to my suggestion which is an alternative ides/suggestion so I made a separate post for the sake of the likes and dislikes function.

Current state:
Players are building rail/boat transport between places, each player has a /warp slot, 3 /home slots, 6K by 6K map entirely explored and /town slot.

Remove the /warp and /home functionality leaving the /t spawn slot.
Using a marker plugin, players can travel to public markers with the aid of player made transport, elytras, horses etc.

This may sound harsh when players are so used to fast travel but it can promote more player transport and social interations by random chance, a "passerby" would be more common as they travel.

The time it takes to travel across the map is not as long as you would think either.
To travel 6000 blocks would take:
-28mins by minecart.
-2.5mins by boat on packed ice.
-1.4mins by boat on blue ice.
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