Mistral Network Rules
After recent events, we’ve decided it’s a good time to refresh the community rules for Mistral Network, as we haven’t reviewed them since we first launched back in 2019.
As such, we've released an updated set of rules. Use the tabs above to navigate through the different sections.
General Rules
There rules apply to all aspects of Mistral Network.
  • No impersonation - Impersonating a VIP, a Staff member, or another player is not permitted. If you find someone impersonating another, report them to staff. Staff and VIPs will always have the tag beside their name in-game, and have the Minecraft Staff role on Discord.
  • Respect staff - We’re players just like you, but our role is to maintain order and ensure these rules are being followed. If you have an issue with a Staff member, you can contact a higher ranking staff member to report it, and we’ll deal with it internally. Remember, staff decisions are final, if you’re unhappy with the decision a moderator has made, speak with an Admin, unhappy with an admin’s decision, speak to a Manager and so on.
  • Two wrongs don’t make a right - If someone’s breaking the rules, don’t break the rules to combat them, report them to the staff team.
  • Use common sense when choosing topics to discuss - Risky discussions are not permitted within Mistral, as we have players who are underage playing. If you want to discuss things of a mature nature, please keep it to DMs. This includes things like innuendos, crude jokes etc.
  • Use common sense - If you are unsure if something would be against the rules, it probably is. Use your common sense and don't try to push the boundries.
Minecraft Rules
These rules apply to our Minecraft Network.
  • Be respectful of your neighbours - There’s no strict rules regarding building, but be mindful of those around you, don’t block access to another’s build
  • Don’t build anything which will negatively impact the server - this includes machines that cause FPS or TPS (server) lag, offensive builds etc. Staff will step in if your build is deemed to break this rule, and can delete it without reimbursement.
  • Don’t deface the world - this includes things like giant sky platforms, towers of dirt/stone, 1x1 “nerd poles” etc. Scaffolding on a temporary basis is allowed.
  • Don’t abuse the land claiming system - blocking others' claim, claiming public areas etc. will result in your claim being removed, and the land inside may be reset without reimbursement.
  • Don’t abuse PvP - While PvP is enabled on the network, the aim of the servers are not PvP, don’t go around killing players excessively, this will be classed as griefing, and punishments will be distributed accordingly.
  • Don’t crowd/harass VIPs - They’re humans too, don’t overwhelm them when they join. There are certain exceptions, every VIP is different, but in general, it’s best to let them do their thing, if they’re talking in chat, you can respond and talk with them, but don’t pester them.
  • Don't use AFK/Auto fishing farms to level up the fishing skill. If you are found to be using one, your skills will be reset.
Discord specific rules can be found in the Rules sections of the Discord servers. On the RavsCraft discord, the RavsCord rules apply.
Discord rules apply on the Minecraft Servers.