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Naird Naird3 days ago
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Hello everyone,

As you will be aware by now, last week we were the victim of a hack that took Mistral Network offline. Since then, we've been working to rebuild the servers and resecure our systems. While we've been doing this, Spigot released an early version of 1.17 support, which means we'll soon be able to start updating the network to 1.17!

Over the coming days, we'll be running some internal tests to make sure all our plugins work with the new update, and wait for updates to plugins etc. to ensure the update is as smooth as possible. At this point, our plan is to run a temporary test server alongside our main survival server so you can try out the new features 1.17 offers, and we can make tweaks as we go...

Caves & Cliffs Part 1 and Mistral
Network Update Network
Naird Naird13 days ago
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Hello everyone!

As you may have seen, Mojang have announced the release date for Cave and Cliffs Part 1 to be June 8th.

This is just a quick update to let you know that Mistral Network won't update to 1.17 right away, as we use server software that's quite a few links down a chain (we use a fork of a fork of a fork of a fork of a fork), which means we have to wait for each of these forks to update before the software we use updates. We will however utilise a plugin we've used before called ViaVersion which allows newer versions of Minecraft to connect to an old version.

With ViaVersion, you may notice a few things such as walls not connecting, new blocks and items turn...

Jobs & Wiki
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Naird Nairdabout 1 month ago
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Hello there everyone,

we've run our first updates on the Survival server since we relaunched earlier this week!

If you build in the wilderness, it will no longer decay and reset back. This is something that has frustrated some of you, so we've disabled world regeneration. This does however mean that explosions in the wilderness will no longer repair themselves.

You asked for it, and we listened, there are now more ways to make MistralTokens on the Survival server, in the form of Jobs!

You can find out how they work, and how to join a job on our new and improved <a... />

Relaunch Announcement
Network Update Network
Naird Nairdabout 1 month ago
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Welcome to Mistral Network!
We've relaunched the Minecraft Network with two new servers!

• Towny based server
• McMMO skills & perks
• 6000x6000 world (will be expanded in 1.17 for new worldgen)
• Player spreading - No set spawn point (but you can /tpa to friends)
• Shop plugin - We've gone back to the plugin we used before, so placing a sign on a chest or a barrel will create a shop!


Becoming Mistral Network
Network Update Official
Naird Nairdabout 1 month ago
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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to make a quick update to let you know we're currently undergoing a rebrand!

Over the next week, we'll be updating our servers and websites to reflect our new name: Mistral Network.

You can read the full details, as well as a few FAQs regarding the rebrand here.

Our next update should be right before, if not on, the day of our relaunch!
We've still got a lot of work to do before we can relaunch, but we're ready and rearing to go!