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Tax the staff

So in the Towny plugin, everyone who is assigned the assistant role do not pay tax. This makes sense if you have a very large town, but when there are few people in each town who are active, there has to be someone who can do admin work, and you end up with no one paying tax. From an rp perspective it makes it not appealing to promote people to assistant as it removes any income for the town but having someone capable of changing perms etc is vital for a town to function.
And so we have ended up with only 1/2 people paying tax in a town of 8, which is just sad.
I mean most people just put the town tax rate to zero anyways so no one in that town is taxed
4 months ago
I'll take a look into the config for Towny and see if I can adjust it so only the Mayor is exempt from paying town taxes.
4 months ago