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Alternative claims plugin suggestion: Lands

Replace towny with Lands:

Outstanding features:
Better command hierarchy.
Better UI.
Dynmap, BlueMap and Pl3xMap Support.
Able to import existing data/claims from towny.
Discord bot addon.
Visualise boarders outside of chat.
No to map support, discord bot is already on but for staff only, the rest i'll need to double check.
3 months ago
Its very similar to towny; but I hate the towny command hierarchy with a passion.
3 months ago
If Towny data can be ported fully, then this could be a solid alternative claim system
3 months ago
I would prefer this over the current claim system but it does still share one of the problems I had with towny which is that you have to claim entire chunks. This makes it difficult to designate perms and such in places with small buildings or large buildings with several stories like the chateau. Also, does this plugin allow you to give permissions to individuals?

If the towny data can be ported to the current server then I'm all up for the change, but I would like something with more precise claiming for the 1.18 server.
3 months ago
It allows you to create roles with perms
3 months ago
That's sick
3 months ago
Keep in mind that not everyone is for removing Towny. Loudest voices aren't the same as the majority opinion. I'm not against trying Lands, but IMO most who think Towny is overcomplicated only know it as a claims system and don't utilize most features.

I don't see the entire Y column being in one chunk as a problem, because I find huge skyscrapers unappealing and this discourages that. But I also recognize that other people might love them and want multiple claims on multiple floors. So, differing tastes on the matter shouldn't really matter when choosing a claims system.

As for small buildings, it's pretty easy to make one or two small buildings, some topiaries, and a road in a chunk. Just because the border is a chunk, doesn't mean the entire chunk needs to be the building. All buildings in Fairie, save one (the Keep), are smaller than a chunk—including those made by other players. I don't really understand the issue here.
3 months ago
To use the old claim system as an example, you could claim the specific area of individual buildings and set different permissions for them. It's a lot more malleable than something like towny which heavily encourages a grid-like town layout. It also allowed people of the town to build and claim anywhere, instead of having to leave an entire chunk next to their neighbours.

When it comes to the chateau, the biggest problem is managing permissions for entering rooms on different levels. Anything above and around the storage room has to have the more restrictive perms so people outside the town can't pass through those areas. With a more precise claiming system, I can just claim the doors of the storage room to give it different permissions, and allowing outsiders to roam around the upper floors.

I'm not looking for a claiming plugin that has 3D claiming on the y level because that seems too complex, but finer detailed claiming makes it possible to allow certain people on different floors
3 months ago
I found the shovel claiming thing from the temp server clunky, especially when I'd try to add to an established claim after gaining more area. Tried both with and without the physical shovel. Dunno if that's what Lands is or not. Like I've said, I think elsewhere, I think different systems just appeal to different ways people think & categorize. For example, I agree that I have been to Towny servers back in the day where towns were flat gridded. But I don't understand why mayors would plan roads like that. Fairie isn't flat nor are her streets or buildings in a grid. Luckily I haven't seen those sorts of builds at all on Mistral.

"instead of having to leave an entire chunk next to their neighbours."
IDK what this means.

"Anything above and around the storage room has to have the more restrictive perms so people outside the town can't pass through those areas."
It sounds like poor planning to me. Sure, if you have a preset design in mind Towny isn't always going to work. Personally I find myself more creative when I have certain parameters. If an art teacher said "draw anything" I'd struggle to figure out what to draw. But if she said, using only a pencil draw a building showing 2-point persepective, then I could come up with something. This is similar. On this server I gave my self the restriction of not flattening terrain and Towny gave me the restriction of chunk-based permissions. So, for example, when I first started building my underground train station it was under the place where I store building stone blocks. But I want anyone to be able to use the trains, so I moved it to the next chunk and now the station is much larger and more open. I changed the alignment of the tracks and they look much better as well.

But I get that not everyone works that was, which is why I'm skeptically open to new systems.

My point of posting here was mainly to say that some people like Towny, but don't speak up publicly about it. When the topic was on Discord yesterday, multiple people DM'd me to say they had my back. Which is nice, but it's not whether or not people are on the same side that concerns me, its whether or not people's voices are heard.

I suppose my point is that if new server ideas are partially based on what players want, then perhaps some sort of private suggestion/ballot system is in order.
3 months ago