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7 months ago
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Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted an update on here, so here's a little something regarding 1.18! As you probably know, Mojang are releasing the update on Tuesday 30th November, and as usual, we won't be updating the network instantly. This is down to a few reasons: Mojang normally release a few stability updates (1.18.1, 1.18.2 etc), so we'll wait until those are out before we work on the update Due to Mojang updating Java to Java 17 in 1.18, we'll have to update our server software to support this We also need to wait for Purpur (the software we use to run Mistral) to update to 1.18, as well as all the plugins we use We want to add more content to Mistral Network, so we'll use the time before we're on 1.18 to work on this. However, from Tuesday (hopefully), you'll be able to connect to Mistral Network using the latest update thanks to the plugin ViaVersion, which will allow you to play on the 1.17.1 server. We also want to know what you want to see on Mistral Network, if you have any suggestions, post them in the suggestions section of the website, or post them as a reply to this post. Finally, I will be livestreaming working on the update over on my Twitch channel so you can send any feedback and ideas in the chat during the streams, as well as getting to see a little behind-the-scenes process for Mistral! We're excited to see how 1.18 changes Mistral Network and look forward to welcoming you with the latest update again! The Mistral Network Team
about 1 month ago
After a lot longer than I had planned (due to the message at the top of the page), I am starting work on updating Mistral Network to 1.17.1! However, this will take some time to complete as I have limited free time to work on Mistral at the moment, but I will be using my free time to work on it! Today I will be gathering and testing all the plugins we use on the survival server to make sure they all work nicely still (and a couple new additions that you may like), after which I will be able to create a test server you can join to try the update out for yourselves before we make it live. Once the beta server is ready, I'll make an announcement on here to let you know, and you'll be able to join it straight from the network!
5 months ago
Hi there, So.. this is a little bit embarrasing, I attempted to update the Mistral Network website with the latest version of our site software, as well as some behind-the-scenes adjustments to finalise the transition from our old domain, but doing both at the same time resulted in the website breaking, and me being unable to access it to fix it. So... we've had to start again from scratch! Over the coming days and weeks, I'll be working in my free time to bring everything back to how it used to be (or hopefully even better), but for now, you'll notice a lot is missing from the website. If you previously had registered on the website, you'll have to sign up again, as all previous data was lost...You'd think I'd have learned by now... - A very embarrased Naird...
7 months ago